Tuition at Rising Aviation High School

Tuition Schedule

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Rising Aviation Tuition Schedule

We handle tuition payments differently than most private schools. Since our classes are self-paced, some students are able to accelerate their studies and therefore won’t need as much time. Others may need more time and our structure allows for that as well. Therefore, tuition is paid on a monthly basis rather than an annual basis. The school also operates eleven months out of the year, CLOSED IN JULY, thus providing additional opportunities for accelerating classes or continuing work on current classes.

Monthly Tuition Fee Schedule

23-24 School Year: $1195*

$995 Early Registration DISCOUNT!

New Students who enroll by June 30, 2023 and submit a $200 deposit will receive a discount monthly tuition rate of $995.

Currently enrolled students that are returning next school year and submit their $200 deposit by August 30,2023 will be locked-in at their 2022-2023 monthly tuition rate of $750.

*Aircraft rental is separate

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