Rising Aviation High School Academic and Aviation Programs

Aviation Programs For High School Students: Educate Through Academics & Hands-on Experience

Rising Aviation High School is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Corporation and is available to all high school students on an open enrollment basis. Building upon the educational programs and curriculum of our current operating schools, this new school will add general aviation elective courses as well as specific training for fixed-wing (airplane) and drone (remote piloted vehicle) pilot training. Rising Aviation High School is a private tuition-based high school. 

Rising Aviation is a STEM Accredited Aviation High School for kids and teens in Addison, TX.

Elevate YOUR Student’s Future!

The Rising Aviation High School experience is like no other. Your teen will be exposed to a multitude of technologies, disciplines, and experiences that most people only dreamed of, or perhaps didn’t even understand or know about. As a student of Rising Aviation High School, our students will grow to understand the importance and need for life-long learning, they will develop leadership qualities and expertise, and they will acquire scholarly and personal skills that they will carry throughout their life.

Individualized instruction in our aviation programs
Hands on experience with expert teachers in our aviation programs

You’ll find that our students want to be at school. They log on each day ready to learn in a unique self-paced environment bolstered by individualized and small group instruction. Credit is earned by subject mastery, not seat time. The curriculum for our aviation programs is self-paced and delivered through a computer-based learning management system supplemented by teacher driven lessons, seminars, and small group meetings. Our teachers focus on each individual student’s needs and plan their lessons accordingly.

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Tuition schedule and academic calendar at Rising Aviation
Fixed Wing Pilot’s License Program

If your teen is interested in learning to fly – and if you live in the Dallas-Forth Worth, Addison area – your teen can work towards earning a Pilot’s Certificate (or Pilot’s License) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) thru Rising Aviation High School.

Drone Pilot's License Program For Your Teenager
Remote Pilot’s License Program

Drones aren’t just fun for your teen to learn to fly, they are also becoming an integral part of the aviation industry. Rising Aviation offers a FAA Remote Pilot Program for it’s students to work towards earning this certificate alongside their high school studies.

Open Enrollment for Future Aviators.